Who is in Backstage?


Behind the Cool Moon snow boots, there is a sheepskin industry leader company “Erdogan Deri” with manufacturing for global high-end brands. Cool Moon has been growing exponentially by combining quality, variety of materials and craftmanship with power of Erdogan Deri.

Erdogan Deri have come a long way from a small business founded in 1998 based in a small town to become acknowledged leader in producing of the highest quality sheepskin products in our sheepskin tannery in Turkey.


With our R & D activities and the best experts in sheepskin industry; we are the strong, flexible and reliable supplier of many European brands. Besides supplying sheepskin products to our customer, we are developing shearling coats & leather jackets & sheepskin boots and manufacturing them in Turkey. For more information, please check the our project based works page.


In our all business processes, we do not do any harmful actions on human health and the environment. We are sending all used water which come from our tanning processes, to purification plant. Our all employees are informed about energy efficiency and preventing environmental pollution.

As a result, we are the experts of sheepskin with our sheepkin tannery in Turkey. We are manufacturing sheepskin boots, sheepskin jackets and all kind of sheepskin products for our customers as a full set of high quality service besides supply only sheepskin.

For more information, please visit our corporate website at www.erdoganderi.com