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Our company core vision provides us with a mission statement that we can all get behind: to produce fashionable shearling snow boots in an ethical way and demonstrate a sensitive attitude towards people and the environment.

When customers buy our goods, we want them to be confident that our products have been manufactured under acceptable conditions. That means the goods must have been produced:

  • lawfully, through fair and honest dealing;
  • without exploiting the people who made them;
  • in decent working conditions; and
  • without damaging the environment.

Cool Moon applies to the manufacturer, or any other person involved in supplying goods to our company. The code is designed to be fair, achievable and easy to check, and to promote the ongoing development of our suppliers.

We know very well that the secret of our success is our employees. For this reason, we are trying hard to provide a comfortable working environment and fair working conditions for our employees. Thus we able to serve many high-end worldwide brands which caring the conditions of their suppliers.

Carefully selected American origin raw sheepskins are produced in our tannery, Erdogan Deri. Then, these skins become high quality snow boots at our footwear facility in Istanbul.