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It started with winter

Now it’s a lifestyle brand

Moon is cool, moon is mysterious, silent and beautiful. We are inspired by all these beauties of the moon. We love designing, discovering, creating. We design “Cool Moon” for Moon, but can also be worn at mountains, ski resorts and daily life of course. Cool Moon is not only a designer shoe, it has personality at each shoe also. Our concept is all about being unique and feeling well, which starts with your shoes. So, choose your Cool Moon, be unique and start exploring.

Going Global

Our common theme is the comfortable funtional and fashionable boots – and a vision of a brand without limitations. Today, we are represented in 23 countries around the world. We constantly support our customers with store promotions and various promotional activities. International bloggers and celebrities dress Cool Moon in winter season. The brand remains rooted by the sheepskin, which is our profession.